Serena Clinic

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Serena Clinic.Facilities
Serena Clinic.Facilities
Serena Clinic.Facilities

Location and facilities

One of the most unique clinical medicine and cosmetic surgery in Barcelona, located in the upper area, surrounded by the most prestigious clinics in the city. The building consists of six levels or floors, four surface and two underground, dedicated exclusively to the comprehensive care of medicine and cosmetic surgery. Serena Clinic is a clinic recently built with modern art facilities specially adapted for all patients, including the latest scientific technology higher quality internationally. Serena Clinic aims to preserve the image and prevent aging people globally respecting health priority. The quality of care and experience of over twenty years of its Medical Director guarantee their safety. The main goal is that patients treated in Serena Clinic using minimally invasive procedures without surgery or scars, get natural and very satisfactory results. Moreover, prevention treatments is to maintain optimal image without resorting to major surgery in the future.

Aesthetic medicine-edge

Treatments that can be found in Serena Clinic are: Muscle relaxants, facial and body Volumentrización, facial fillers, mesotherapy, laser skin rejuvenation, IPL and RF, hyperhidrosis, Hair Removal Laser and IPL and removal of vascular lesions and leg veins, injury or pigmented spots, xanthelasmas, tattoos, permanent makeup and unwanted fillers.

Serena Clinic with talent

Serena Clinic also promotes and contributes to the continuing education of graduates in Medicine and Surgery at the international level through the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) and the College of Physicians of Barcelona (COMB).